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Ready to see how you and your coworkers did on last week's Mohawk history quiz?

Many of you tested your knowledge about our U.S. operations. Check out the correct answers below to see how team members across the country did.


1. In which state did the Mohawk brand originate?
       A: New York

Four brothers from the Shuttleworth family established a woven carpet mill in Amsterdam, New York in 1878. The company adopted the name Mohawk Carpet Mills (or Mohawk Mills, for short) in 1920, when it merged with McCleary, Wallin and Crouse, another woven carpet producer in Amsterdam.

The name originated from the Mohawk River, the largest tributary of the Hudson River, which flows through Amsterdam.

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2. In which state does the Company employ no individuals?
       A: Wyoming

Mohawk employs thousands of dedicated and talented team members across the U.S. However, the Company currently does not employ anyone in the state of Wyoming.

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3. In which state does the Company employ the most individuals?
       A: Georgia

Georgia has the largest number of employees in the country at 9,750. Runners-up for this distinction are Texas (2,369 individuals), North Carolina (1,153), Virginia (1,122) and South Carolina (1,015).

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4. In which of these states does the Company NOT have a manufacturing facility?
       A: New Hampshire

Mohawk operates manufacturing facilities in each of the other three states listed – Kentucky is home to the Lewisport quarry tile plant; one of Dal-Tile's ceramic manufacturing facilities (and a regional distribution center) is located in Muskogee, Oklahoma; and Washington state boasts the Chehalis pad and cushion plant.

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5. In which state does the Company manufacture mosaic tile?
       A: Pennsylvania

The team at Dal-Tile's Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, facility manufactures mosaic tile.

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6. In which state does the Company manufacture carpet tile?
       A: Virginia

The Glasgow, Virginia, team manufactures carpet tile, which is used across the country as an innovative and exciting flooring option for education, workplace, retail, hospitality and other commercial customers.

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7. In which state does the Company cut bullnose edges on tiles?
       A: Texas

The team at the Bullnose plant in Dallas, Texas, cuts radius edges to create an elegant, finished touch on selected tile products.

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8. In which state does the Company manufacture laminate flooring?
       A: North Carolina

The teams at the Thomasville and Garner, North Carolina, facilities manufacture laminate flooring.

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9. In which state does the Company operate the most sales service centers (SSCs)?
       A: California

There are an impressive 39 SSCs in California, making it the state with the most customer-facing retail centers in the entire Company.

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10. In which of these states does the Company currently have a manufacturing facility under construction?
       A: Tennessee

In Dickson, Tennesse, the company is constructing a quartz countertop facility, which is set to begin production by the end of the year. Dickson is also home to one of Dal-Tile's state-of-the-art ceramic tile plants.

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11. Approximately how many miles did our Mohawk fleet drive across the U.S. last year?
       A: 45 million

Our drivers cover a lot of ground throughout each year. The exact number from 2017 was 48,676,815.

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12. In how many of the original thirteen colonies does the Company operate manufacturing facilities?
       A: six

Mohawk has manufacturing facilities in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Connecticut, all of which were among the original thirteen colonies.

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