Extinguishing Danger

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Everyone remembers fire safety days in school and learning stop, drop and roll. But did you ever learn PASS?

At work, fires can be especially dangerous because of flammable materials and heavy machinery. In the event of a fire, responding the right way can help keep you and others safe.

Housekeeping is one of the biggest contributors to fires that get out of control. Don’t let grease, dust, lint etc. build up on the machinery. The facility should be kept as clean as possible to limit the spread of a possible fire.

If there is a fire at work, the first step is to stay calm and assess the situation, immediately notifying your supervisor or sounding a Code Red if needed. If the fire is small, using a fire extinguisher can stop the flames and protect you and your coworkers.

How to use a fire extinguisher

Never panic in a fire situation, and always try to remain calm. Access the fire to determine if it can be extinguished with a fire extinguisher - only try to extinguish small fires that are not generating large amounts of smoke and heat. Ensure that if you are going to attempt to extinguish the fire, you are using the correct extinguisher for the job.

Always remember the PASS method when using a fire extinguisher:

  • Hold the extinguisher in the upright position
  • Pull the pin
  • Stand back about 10 to 12 feet from the fire
  • Aim at the base of the fire
  • Squeeze the handle
  • Sweep the nozzle back and forth to extinguish the fire.

Never turn your back on the fire, and always have a way to exit. The extinguisher will only last for about 20 seconds so make sure you can safely get away from the fire if needed.


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